5-Year Plan

Even though I have earned my second maser’s degree, that does not mean that I am done with school. I am always looking for ways to further my education. Currently I am enrolled in a MicroMasters in Integrated Digital Media with NYU. I am also considering going for my PhD in the future although I would definitely want to take a break to prevent myself from being burned out. Still, I have been looking at PhD programs and found some that I am interested in. Although there is no rush, I would not be surprised to find myself enrolled in the PhD in Communication, Information and Media at Rutgers or the PhD in Information Systems at NJIT at some point in the next five years.

Another thing I definitely want to do is continue teaching. I taught one course at TCNJ as an adjunct and I really had a lot of fun with it. I would love to teach at TCNJ again if they will have me and will also apply for adjunct positions at other colleges closer to where I live. I just think that it is so fulfilling to get to share my interests with students and I really love seeing the projects that create with my guidance. I also love the reciprocal nature of being a professor because even though I am the teacher I always learn so much from the students as well.

I also want to remain active in the Online Learning Consortium. I am currently a professional member and have already completed their Instructional Designer Certificate program. However, they have a ton of webinars, workshops, and course series that can help me grow as an instructional designer so I plan to take advantage of that as much as possible. Moreover, OLC hosts many conferences each year and I have yet to attend one so that is definitely on my to-do list. Bonus points if I get to teach an OLC webinar/workshop/course or present at one of their conferences.

Finally, I currently do not have any published works. I know that having published works would give me more credibility as a professional so that is definitely something I want to change within the next five years. It would be great to have an article published in an academic journal or as part of conference proceedings. Outside of academic writing, I also enjoy writing for fun. I think it would be awesome to publish a novel or screenplay in my spare time.