ID4 – Course Quality Review (OSCQR)

This course focused on what makes a quality online course and how to perform a formal course review. The main course quality rubric that we focused on during this course was the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric. We looked at the OSCQR review process, rubric components, and rubric criteria. We then used the rubric to perform a course quality review for an online course. We also compared the OSCQR rubric to other course quality review rubrics and used this comparison to create our own customized version of the OSCQR rubric.

Summary of Changes I Made for My Customized OSCQR Rubric:

  • Added instructions
  • Removed the Moderate Revision rating level
  • Renamed the other rating levels aside from Not Applicable to No Revision Necessary, Minor Revision Necessary, and Major Revision Necessary
  • Added highlighting to identify categories that need revision (yellow for minor and red for major)
  • Added an Estimated Revision Time column with an overall Total Estimated Revision Time calculator at the bottom to track how much time is necessary to revise the course
  • Renamed the Overall Narrative section to Additional Comments
  • Made the gray background in each section lighter so the text is easier to read
  • Added the two criteria from the Accessibility, ADA Compliance, and Universal Design section of the QCTIP rubric